The Legal and Ethical Case For Polygamy

So, I'm now in the research phase of the next book in my It's Not Complicated series.  I'll be writing on the history, ethics, and legality of polygamy. 

Fun stuff, huh?  Don't worry, I'll be making it at least as entertaining as my last book... somehow, lol. 

The first thing I'll be dealing with is the ethics, and my research into this topic will not only have to do with the couple, but society and children as well.  I'll then have to walk through history, and unravel the real reasons behind the outlawing of polygamy and what went wrong. 

Unlike the last book, I'm not really sure how this one is going to end.  In my previous book, I knew how it ended, I just had to go back and retrace my steps to the present. 

In this book, I'll be looking into the future of the human race, which is always a difficult task in balancing doomsday versus utopia scenarios that are wildly inaccurate. 

Now time to bury my head, and start with the research.  Lucky for you, readers, I'll be documenting all of my research through my blog.  In fact, you may see pieces that will become parts of draft chapters for the book.