P:INC Ranked #13 on Amazon!

So, as someone who is about to break into a Top 10 ranking on Amazon for a book, I should probably explain, lol...

A few months back, I explained to many of you on here, that I was going offline for a while to work on a large ethical project...

That project is now for sale on Amazon, Polyamory: It's Not Complicated.

Over the course of the past 5 months, I've been furiously writing a more than 400 page book.  It covers some deeply personal relationship topics, and explains a growing relationship paradigm shift happening right now, polyamory, and its ethical basis.

As of yesterday, after being on sale for about a week, and running a weekend free promotion, I've already sold more than 50 copies of the book, which according to Amazon, is pretty fucking fast.

And yes, I'm making some real money from this book... just bought myself a Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless bluetooth headset and an Apple Wireless keyboard for my iPad in celebration.

Am I back? Well, sort of.  I'm already starting the outlining of a second book, starting up 2 social media brands, and about to go into production with a weekly video podcast.  All of this is based around the first book.

It feels great to really acknowledge that I'm an honest to goodness author, after so many years of working for free doing radio shows, podcasts, and some little books here and there for super niche audiences.

As my breakout book, P:INC, I've begun a new journey down a road of working on topics to reform relationship ethics.

It was a shitty road to start walking, let me tell ya!  Hell, I did tell ya if you read the book.

At this point, I'm focusing my energy on creating a positive experience for more people like me who have been struggling with their relationship lives not knowing exactly what's missing and why they keep failing.

Walking this journey silently for years, it feels good to come out of the shadows with a work that ends on such a positive note of hope.  I hope my work going forward will continue in this direction.

No doubt, I still love technology.  But I feel like I've found the last real frontier of the hacker... the human soul.