Just Hit #8 On Amazon

My book, Polyamory: It's Not Complicated, just broke into the Top 10 on Amazon! Right now, I feel truly humbled.  I'm so grateful to all of my readers and want to thank them in the most profound way.  The experience of having such an honor as to be a Top 10 best selling author on Amazon is overwhelming.

I don't know if I want to scream, cry, jump for joy, or go sit by a lake and just think about what it all means.

It really hit me last night that something was happening.  When the book hit #13 in the Memoirs top 100 free section, I was thinking, "Ok, that's pretty awesome." 

But when I awoke this morning to #8, I realized that this really had legs.  A Top 10 author.  I'd never have imagined this in the frantic moments leading up to the publishing while working my other job.  I literally ran out at lunch to find wifi to get my last few edits in before the deadline expired.

Getting a top spot is a forever thing...

Years ago, I was a Top 10 hacker on Cyberarmy.com.  For me, that was a monumental accomplishment that took years to realize. 

When I earned my Black Belt in Shotokan at the age of 10, one week exactly from my 11th birthday, becoming the second youngest blackbelt in my dojo, I was extremely proud.  When I started beating adults in karate competitions, taking home champion trophies, I got a little cocky. 

A few weeks ago, I became the first and only person in the entire East Central Indiana area to get a Platinum Certification for the ACT WorkKeys, I felt pride, but I've always known that I'm smart.  You aren't surprised by such things when you have a 148 IQ.  In fact, you feel like a complete failure if you are #2.

But this accomplishment was quite different from all of those.  In those, all I really had to do was face the challenge and grind away at them.  I simply refused to be defeated. 

But with this, there was no challenge, no game plan, no thought of, "If I do X, Y, and Z, then I'll be successful." 

Instead, I sat in a void while writing.  The plan was to write a book as honest and as compelling as possible.  And then cross my fiingers, hang on to my ass, and hope for the best. 

The result was hitting #8 this morning in the Memoirs category on Amazon.  It means that as an author, I've had my work validated as being worthy of the effort put into it.  It was worth the long nights spent writing, rewriting, thinking, laughing, and crying over the content.  It was worth all of the coffee and proofreading. 

And it was worth that day running to find wifi to get the last few edits in on time. 

It's at #8 in it's category, and has broken into the top 5000 overall of all ebooks on Amazon.  Assuming that there is one author for each of those books, less than 5000 people in the world are currently doing what I'm doing right now.

So, thank you, dear readers.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I hope that what I've produced brings you as much joy, entertainment, and insight as I've gained living it and writing about it.