Polyamory Isn't Cuckoldry

A favorite refrain for male polyamory bigots is to refer to those in an open marriage as cucks or cuckolds.  This is supposed to somehow shame men in such relationships.

There’s a fundamental misunderstanding of what polyamory and what cuckoldry is.

Cuckoldry is defined as “a man whose wife has committed adultery, often regarded as an object of scorn”.  It has a few requirements:

  1. The man is in a relationship with a woman that is supposed to be faithful.

  2. The woman in the relationship is not being faithful.

  3. The man is either unknowing or powerless to stop the unfaithfulness.

  4. The man usually lives in shame of his powerlessness.

The main thrust of being a cuckold is being shamed, somehow.  This is an old definition.  Modern cuckolds really feel no shame, but the stigma still remains and many may get off on the shame.

I’m not a cuckold, but this is often the thrust of must cuckold erotic stories.  A man is forced to watch his wife with another man, and often undergoes many forms of humiliation, such as (sorry for the visual here) eating the creampie when they are finished.

Not being a cuckold, I don’t get it.  But then again, I don’t judge.  Hey, if it makes you happy, have fun.

Polyamory, on the other hand, is defined as “pertaining to partipation in multiple and simultaneous loving or sexual relationships”.  It has a few requirements for men as well.

  1. A man is in a relationship with multiple people, or…

  2. A man is in a relationship with someone who has multiple other partners.

  3. Everyone consents to all relationship statuses.

It’s not possible for a polyamorous person to be a cuckold under the old definition.  That implies powerlessness and lack of consent.  You can’t be polyamorous against your consent.  They are polar opposites in terms of consent.

Now, they do share some activities, for instance, a polyamorous man could have a girlfriend or wife with other boyfriends.  And I’m sure they’ll have sex.

But it is consensual.  The drive of the bigot is to make it appear as though it is not consensual.  In other words, it’s a way of calling polyamorous men a “spineless pussy” who is being laughed at by his girlfriend and the guy she’s with.

Not really the case.  But bigot logic is illogical.  In their mind’s eye, a “real man” is someone who has heterosexual sex with lots of women, maybe even with one faithful woman if they’re of the biblical slant.

Of course, cuckoldry is the worst slam they can issue to another man.  The only part of this nonsense that bothers me is how such men act when their woman cheats or leaves them for another man.

That makes them a cuckold in their mind.  And their anger is directed towards the woman.

Possibly this mindset is what leads to men who abuse and hit women.  Talk about a real pussy!

So what’s the takeaway here? Simple.  Some men are possessive and believe that all men are like them, possessive.  They think the height of insult to a man is to take what is “his”.

News flash, you don’t own your woman. Not even if she says you do.  Not even if you are married.

Unless you find and marry a virgin and stay faithful until death, she’s had other dick and will have another dick after you.  That makes you and every other man without a virgin a cuckold.  Whether they fucked a guy in your bed last weekend or lived with someone else last year, they still had it.

They probably remember it, and maybe even fantasize about it when alone in the shower.  And nothing you can do will erase another cock having been in their cunt, sad, poor bigot.

The ideal for such men is not just to capture the virgin but to control her mind and her body as property, for eternity.  They’d better not take her to the movies... Channing Tatum has invaded the minds of most women! ;)

So the next time you find yourself being called a cuck or cuckold, just remember.  You’re hearing it from the relationship equivalent of slave owner, and move along, slowly shaking your head, pitying the poor woman stuck with that.

Then smile, sit back with the bowl of popcorn as your two girlfriends snuggle up to you to watch The Notebook.  Oh, you cuckold you! ;)