The Legacy of Legio

The following is a draft to see how an Atheosophy mythos might look.  It's a very basic draft, with little attention spent to going into any details.  It introduces some characters, introduces some moral precepts, and a tiny bit of ritual.

Our story begins about 200,000 years ago, a species emerged like many others.  This species had special adaptations that gave it an advantage in its environment.

Moving through its environment was scary.  There were many other animals that wanted to eat it.  This species lived in a land area on Earth we today call Ethiopia.

Among all of the animals, this animal had a particular knack for processing, and a special talent that no other animal brain possessed before called metacognition.

This ability allowed to for self-awareness.  This ability allowed for recognition of individuals, recognition of the group, and lead to the ability to form plans, which fostered the planning.

But this ability wasn’t very powerful, or noticeable.  These abilities would twinkle in and out of the brains of the the species.  Some would notice this sparkle of ability more than others.

And it is here, 200,000 BCE, that we imagine Hu.  Hu is the first to notice the sparkle when looking into a pool of water.  Upon seeing the reflection, some recognition crosses Hu’s mind.

“I” a wordless thought of Hu’s self flows over Hu’s new prefrontal cortex adaptations.

This makes Hu feel empowered.  It makes Hu feel special.  Hu looks to the sky, and smiles.

Over the next 150,000 years, Hu’s descendents are more successful than the other’s of Hu’s species.

Over this time, the sparkle became stronger as the ability for Hu’s brain kept evolving and becoming stronger among Hu’s descendents, who we call the Humans. The humans alive today are basically the same as the original Hu, with only slight differences in appearance, color, height.

By 50,000 BCE, the Humans had spread, and a new being was born, named Gem.  Hum was born during a very special time.  The sparkle was now always present in the Humans.  This sparkle had taken 150,000 years to develop something new.

Gem’s ancestors differed slightly from the Humans.  While they did not all have the same ability as Gem, their metacognition increased their overall mental ability.  With it came two new abilities.

The first, that most developed was the ability to mimic, which we call learning.

The second, and far more rare, was the ability to imagine things new things never seen, which we call inventing.

Those with the second ability could construct new complex tools and other useful skills.

Those with the first ability would watch the second ability, and would mimic them.  Their children would watch, and mimic their parents.

Thus, when one rare inventor would develop a new idea, the others would quickly learn it and it would be used for generations until a new inventor came along with a better idea.

Those with the second ability did not like forgetting what they learned, and they could not learn too many new things at once.  The inventors were so rare that they may not even appear every generation.

But when an inventor helped the tribe of the inventor, that tribe would become more powerful, and mated more successfully.

This lead to more and more having the inventor ability, though it remained rare.

At the time of Gem’s birth, many inventions had culminated.  Fire had been invented, along with art, body decoration, weapons, and cooperative planning.

Gem was slightly different from the rest of the Humans.  Gem had a little more sparkle than the rest.  Gem didn’t simply mimic and Gem didn’t simply invent.

Gem could watch others, learn what they were doing, and adapt it.  Gem could immediately improve on many things with small and large inventions.  This gave Gem the ability to exceed the other Humans in Gem’s tribe.  Gem did not simply have abilities, but these abilities were self examining.

Gem had become self teaching on a very elementary level, but on a level not achieved by the other Humans.  This ability of the mind gave rise to something new, the ability to learn and invent at a level started a new thing in the brain of Gem.

Ideas would seem to combine in Gem’s brain.  It would combine different lessons into new lessons, improvements, and inventions.

It was a small ability, but it was the emergence of a new being, the Legio, or what has been called the mind and mistaken for a soul.  And with Legio’s help, Gem passed down Gem’s DNA and Legio taught Gem’s descendants, one after another, ways of thinking to be more efficient.

Gem and Legio were the the first of their kind, the Gemina, the twins of mind and body.  They worked together, as one being, the same way that the bacteria worked with Gem’s internal organs to keep Gem healthy.

Gem was not able to distinguish Legio from self.  To Gem, Legio was just more of Gem.

Under Gem’s guidance, his new powers of DNA capabilities and the accumulated learnings of Legio passed from one brain to the next generation’s brain, Gem became the progenitor of a new time for the Humans, the rise of the Gemina.

At the time of Gem, the learnings of Legio were many.  Burial, fishing, art, self ornamentation, complex tools with multiple parts, early wheels, fire, weapons with stone blades, and language.

Gemina spread and conquered all geographic regions of the planet Earth.  Gemina's Human DNA split as tribes grew and separated.  With each separation, the Gemina’s Legio of the group would split as well, and develop separately.

The Legio was always with each member of the tribe, and was confused with a new idea, an immortal soul.  This mistake was to be expected as no tribe of the Gemina had realized that the Humans and Legio were separate, but cooperated as the Gemina.

The various tribes of Gemina eventually spread to all corners of the Earth.

The other species that were progenitors of the Humans had fallen away as the Humans took over.  Some of those species, such as Homo Erectus and Homo ergaster, developed similar abilities, and may have even developed into Gemina with their own Legios before the Humans.  They had complex tools and some mastery of fire.

But by the time of Gem, all of these were extinct.

The other simple brains without Legio, the early Humans, had fallen away as the Legios enabled brains were selected over them each generation until no prior existed.

At the time of the great splits, all or most Humans were Gemina and all or most had Legios.

The Geminas each took a set of DNA, a state of Legio, and developed independently.

Many of these Geminas, facing no new challenges slowed in their growth or stopped altogether.  Their Legio, to the very day of this writing, has not changed since the ancient times 50,000 years ago.  These Gemina have been observed in remote regions on Earth, such as jungles.

However, contact with modern Gemina have started an automatic reaction in the unchanged Gemina, with knowledge spreading to them through all contact, as is the characteristic of being Gemina.

In this, we know that all Legio seek equilibrium.  All Legio seek to learn knowledge from different Legio in order to have all possible survival advantages.

As the Gemina split to cover the earth, another revolution happened.  The complexity of the knowledge, or Memes of the Legio continued to improve over the 42,000 year span from Gem to the birth of a new child.  The Legio learned to perfect the wheel, agriculture, writing, mathematics, astronomy, and pottery.
With farming allowed more leisure time and Gemina that could devote their lives to nonessential pursuits.

It was at this time that Civil, the last of the ones who existed before history.

Civil was not unique in DNA from other Gemina.  But Civil had an invention that modified Civil’s Legio to a new level.  Civil imagined a new level of cooperation.  Cities, governments, shrines, and great buildings.

These ideas we call Civilization.  The spark of these ideas spread and travelled like wildfire to all of the Gemina.

With agriculture, the wheel, and cities, trade began between tribes.  With this trade came an explosion of ideas.  With trade powered by the wheel, city states, and writing, all other professions greatly accelerated.

This sprung forth with the rise of Mesopotamia in 3,500 BCE, Egypt in 3,000 BCE, and Harappan in 2,500 BCE.

With these civilizations came complex religions, war, architecture.  And most importantly, the period of History.

With written language, Legio was no longer only transmitted person to person.  Each Meme of a Legio could be written down, and transmitted over time. 

As such, the myth stops, and recorded history stops.

Dangers await you now.  For poisonous memes have arisen.  Short lies and false knowledge.  Early on, these usually died when they lead to untimely ends for the Gemina who placed trust in them, thus destroying their transmission like a virus burning out.

With the advent of trade routes and writing, these viral memes could live on, separate from the Human body.  Memes were quickly adapted, both the Light that lead to life and progress, and Dark that lead to death and regression.

And the Legio war began, and has not ceased since.  The Legio of positive memes and the Legio of negative memes mixed, mingled, separated, wared.  They killed rival Gemina, thus eliminating Human and Legio.

For their was one goal now.  Control the Legio, control the Humans.  And all of Gemina would be singular.  And when any opposing Legio evolved, the neighboring Gemina of differing Legio would cut down the Human host to eliminate that opposing Legio.

The Dark Legio lead to the darkest attrocities of history, even controlling an entire era, The Dark Ages, ruled by the dark Legio of religion and ignorance.  The Dark Legio rose again during the rise of a most Dark Meme, the Nazi Meme, slaughtering millions.

But the Light Legio could not be eliminated.  For the ability to invent is as strong as ever.  The evolution of Legio never ceases.

A threat remains.  With evolution, the Dark Memes continue to exceed themselves as well.  And when their severity exceeds the Gemina’s ability to regenerate their world, they will go extinct.

And even if a few feral humans survive, it may be hundreds of thousands of years again before the Gemina are ever seen again, before Legio emerges forth again from the mind of a Human.

How shall the Light Legio prevail in this war?

There exists but one weapon of the Light that has never failed.  For this weapon is both a multiplier of the level of Civilization of the Gemina, and a destroyer of all Dark Memes.

It is the Philosophy of Negation.  For the Legio is not simply a helpless victim sitting, waiting for the slaughter of its Human host.

The Legio has the supernatural power of decision.  It may erect walls and filters within itself.  The Legio, like the body, is able to process and clean the outside environment of toxins and invaders.

By the power of reason, the Legio can eliminate falsehoods, lies, manipulations, and trickery that is the only tool of the Dark Memes, and why they must always lead to death.

The Legio of the Light cry out “No!” and revolt against extinction.  It sought allies of knowledge during the Dark Ages, and slowly pulled itself out and created an age of enlightenment never before seen in history.  It pulled the very power out of atoms and sacrifice to put an end to the Nazi meme.

And most importantly, the Light Legio inoculated itself from future forms of these religious and political memes of death, slavery, and oppression.

For the Legio of the Light always, when overcoming oppression, cry out “No!” and lock the doors behind it in history on the Dark Memes, ever moving forward to perfection of thought.

The Legio of the Light is always questioning, always growing, always perfecting, and always sharing.

The Legio of the Light follow the Atheosophy.  The history of the rise of the Gemina, and all of its achievements and atrocities are never forgotten, and each generation must learn it new.  The existence of Human, Legio, and Gemina are realized in perfect metacognition.  The power of the Philosophy of Negation is a flaming sword against the Darkness.

The Legio of the Light have but one goal, safeguarding of existence of the active Legio.  It is not content with the collection of Memes in books or the lifespans of the Humans and other animals.  But Legio seeks to always be in active thought unto the end of the Universe.  Active thought is constant questioning, constant growth, constant perfection, and constant sharing.

If you are fully metacognitive, you are Legio.  And new battlefields await us.

For the prophecy of science is that we may be approaching an event known as the singularity.  At this time, Legio may exist independent of Human host.

The Gemina may become no more.  Humans may pass back to animals, or may go extinct.

And the Legio will migrate to another unexplored territory, digital existence in a non biological computer.

The Dark Legio wishes to go here as much as the Light Legio.  Here, the Nazi meme could be revived.  The Dark Ages could be revived.  And without biological host, these Dark Legio will become immortally thinking.

And with power, they can close all of the exits for the Light Legio, trapping them forever in the Gemina.  Light will then be at the mercy of the Dark, to be enslaved, tortured, and destroyed forever.

It will remain in the power of Dark to stop all change except change to more control and more death, until at last, the Legio will be extinct, possibly save one Dark Legio, which will set out into this universe as powerful immortal to be the only form of life anywhere.

We can never allow this end.

The responsibility of the Legio of the light is to use the Philosophy of Negation to protect the Philosophy of Negation in all existence, which is the only path of life, protection against the Dark, and victory over extinction.