The iPad Human Metaphor

While doing my daily self talk, I came up with a great analogy.

And to just get it out of the way, my self talk is not positive affirmations, but debating myself on my thinking.

So, I came up with a better analogy than a computer, the iPad.

The human body and mind is much like an iPad.  A single, integrated device, with inputs, outputs, and processing power.  I like the analogy, because unlike a computer, even the supergeeks that I know don’t break open the iPad.  Like most people with the body, it just works.

The problem with a computer analogy is questions like, “So where is the ram? Where is the harddrive?  What’s the graphics processor?”

It’s a metaphor, not a 100% analogous, 1 to 1 comparison.  The human body is not a computer, or an iPad.  Metaphor, people, metaphor.  Don’t confuse me with someone explaining the Internet as a series of tubes… I discovered and popularized that particular meme, btw, on Digg way back in the day.

And yes, you are welcome for that!

So, if the human body is the iPad, the mind is the collection of Apps.

When we want to post to friends, we don’t say “Let me update my iPad status.” No, we say, “Let me update my Facebook status.”

People understand the App better than other metaphysical concepts, and don’t confuse it with superstition.

Using this analogy, we can demonstrate a few concepts.

First, that apps are not hardware.  The apps can be loaded onto any compatible hardware.

Second, hardware is hard to upgrade, software is not.

Third, software can be transferred between machines.

Fourth, software can be backed up.

Fifth, the machine can be destroyed, but the software can be restored on a new machine.

Sixth, software runs better on faster hardware.  Upgrading the hardware is desirable, though expensive.

Seventh, software is limited by the interface of the hardware.  Increase the hardware capability, and you increase the software capability.

I really like this analogy, and am thinking of making a short video explaining the concept of Human vs. Gemina vs. Legio, the three species classifications in Atheosophy.  The Human being the iPad, the Legio being the collection of apps, and the Gemina being the iPad with apps.

I’m about to begin some work on religion here shortly, and will be using more software analogies to explain some information theory in relation to meme structures.