Note: Paganism As A Meme Structure For Atheosophy

As most of you know, I'm an Atheist. But what I don't talk about much if that I'm also a Wiccan. My identification with our US Government is officially, on actual court records, as Wiccan.

This was established about 6 years ago during my first divorce. And, the court sided with me to raise my son with Pagan traditions and holidays on my time as I see fit. 

  The ex wife gets every Christmas and Easter, and I get Samhain and Beltain, that's Halloween and May Day, respectively, to the rest of you non-witches.

"Now, Legio! You hate religions! And your an atheist!" I hear the yells of confusion...

Don't be confused. I'll be writing on this in my post on religions. 

And I've met, personally, with leading pagan thinkers, teachers, and creators of new forms of Wicca. 

Did you know that paganism is quite "roll your own" and allows for no Deity or superstition. Aka, it's a memetic scaffold.

But why would anyone need that? Ah, glad you ask. 

  That's what I'm covering next week.

Part of my explanation comes from Japan, the land of my second soul. I was bowing to their flag since the age of 5, studying one of their great martial arts, Shotokan, and meditating under their great discipline, Zen, taking it as a full time practice and my first philosophy at age 8.

And in Japan, it is said that a person is born Shinto, married Christian, and dies Buddhist. 

They have one of the richest cultures in Asia, one of the longest lifespans in the world, and a countenance to be envied.

When looking for a language to explain a thing, I use theirs second to Latin. For whole in English, I am a philosopher, in Japanese, my aspiration is to be Shokunin, which translation is to be closest to Artisanship, Master, of a lifelong devotion and who I am in all things.

I have called myself Ikioi from the time when I first started Atheosophy. Ikioi is life energy, spirit force, or as I say here, Sentience... The essential vitality.

And in Japan, combining religions is not strange to them. Only in America and Japan do we see a culture adept at assimilation of memes. But only in Japan do we see that assimilation not change the people's ikioi.

Atheosophy is my ikioi, I am shokunin of it. And the Japanese people are Pagan in the truest sense, melding the 3 religions of their historical conquers and foreign invading missionaries. Add to that the 4th philosophy of Confucius, and you have a very stable, contemplative population.

And just as their traditional tea ceremony, of which I was honored to participate in the presence of one of their tea ceremony masters, who had devoted her entire life to the perfecting of, so shall I use ceremony to perfect the religion of tomorrow.

  It is no mere Catholicism. If Catholic ritual is the bitter wine, the tea ceremony is the pure water of ritual.

No movement is without purpose or meaning. Even the atheist is humbled and purified in the presence of a tea ceremony master. A shokunin humbled the presence of all, without ever invoking anything but their own blessing.