Just Published First Parables Book

Updated: Sales link

I've just published Book 1 of The Arayawa Parables called The First Four Parables.  I've made it available for $0.99.  I'll continue to write these parables, and releasing them about 4-6 of them, depending on length, for $0.99.  Some of them may appear on the blog, but from this point on, most of them will not.

The book is still in review for publishing, but I will be creating a dedicated blog and sales page on this website specifically for these books after the first one has finished its review.  I'll similarly be creating a Facebook Page for the book series for news and upcoming releases of the book.

Right now, I have drafts of the next two books in the series.  I'm looking at possibly releasing at least four or five books per year until I run out of things to teach.  That may be a few years, haha.

Hopefully, this will provide a nice little revenue stream for my loyal readers to help support my writing and research, and provide my loyal readers with entertaining stories they can use for themselves and to help teach their children and others ethics from a logical point of view.