The Legacy Opening Notes

These are notes for the opening chapter of The Legacy.


What is the Legacy?

We define the mind as Legio, the Latin word for a legion, that the mind of a person is not a singular entity, but a collection of memes, biological traits and learned traits, skills, and patterns which have resulted in a particular collection of neural network connections.  A Legio is always changing, evolving, learning, and even, forgetting.

Each of us has a legio, a term which is more accurate than simply saying, a mind.

The Legacy, therefore, in the use in this book, is not the middle english word, Legacy.  That definition says that a legacy is the following:

noun, plural legacies.
Law. a gift of property, especially personal property, as money, by will; a bequest.
anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor:
the legacy of ancient Rome.
an applicant to or student at a school that was attended by his or her parent.
Obsolete. the office, function, or commission of a legate.

of or relating to old or outdated computer hardware, software, or data that, while still functional, does not work well with up-to-date systems.

 These are how we usually use the word, legacy.

If your father or mother left you a legacy, it could be the business they built, the money they earned, the books they read or wrote, etc.  If we use it historically, a legacy would be the tools of the industrial revolution still used in modern life.  The constitution of the United States is a legacy from the founders of that nation to its modern citizens.

But we get something closer to our meaning when we look at the third meaning, which refers to a student of a school that was attended by their parent.

This gives us a taste that the word speaks to the future, not the past.  The student is the legacy, not the parent.  It is the carrying forward of a task started by the parent.

The word origin of Legacy is the Latin word Legacy and the suffix -acy.  Legate

an ecclesiastic delegated by the pope as his representative.
Roman History.
an assistant to a general or to a consul or magistrate, in the government of any army or a province; a commander of a legion.
a provincial governor of senatorial rank appointed by the emperor.
an envoy or emissary.

a suffix of nouns of quality, state, office, etc., many of which accompany adjectives in -acious or nouns or adjectives in -ate: fallacy; papacy; legacy; delicacy; piracy.

In this, we say that we are talking about having the quality of a thing.  The legio is, in essence, our word for a mind, the roman legion.  The government of a legion, all the legions, or the commander of a single legion, is a legate.

So, when we use the word legacy, we are marrying the Latin words Legate and -acy, to mean, “having the quality, the state, of the government of legio”.

In the modern sense, government is talking about the way in which individuals come together to rule themselves in the idea of democracy.  We most often mean government less as rulers and commanders, as we feel that it is a participatory body of the people.

So, when we speak of the Legacy, with the capitalized L, we are speaking of the method of the state, in the formal sense of state which is a nation, and the quality of government that is adopted by all of us, each of us being a legio.

The legio is our reference to the future citizen beyond the Singularity event, when the mind is divorced from the body.  The Legacy is its nation state, its government, its society.

We use a few other terms.  For instance, when we speak of humans, we are speaking of the biological animals.  When we speak of Gemina, we are speaking of the combination of human biological animal and legio mind, working in cooperation.  The word literally means twins in Latin.
Evolution first created humans as homosapiens, then created Gemina by forming legio within human brains over hundreds of thousands of years.

Early legio were struggling to invent, adapt, and adopt low level social skills, tools, and fire. 

Today, in 2016, legio struggles to invent, adapt, and adopt global level social skills, incredibly complex tools, and destroying particles to see into the fabric of the universe at the quantum level.

But, we are still Gemina.  The human biological body we are living in is still evolving, but at a slow rate of hundreds of thousands of years.  The legio are evolving constantly, and currently shows a major change over a period of decades.

For DNA to change, it takes at least one new generation to express itself.  But in legio, it can and must change within an individual every moment of their life, and expresses itself in both interactions with others and in self reflection.

Television, for instance, is a constant river of memes pouring into the minds of the watching legio.  But Television isn’t evolving the human, its DNA, or its fundamental growth.  It only changes the legio part of the Gemina equation.

Where we are moving, in the future, is a society where we are leaving this state of Gemina.  We are putting the human biological body behind us, and will eventually live in bodies of our choosing.

What will these bodies look like?

We may live in human biological animals, but our core existence is as information on the nervous system of the animal.  The nerve endings are our inputs, the nerves that control the muscles are our outputs, and the collections of neurons we call the brain, is our central storage and processing unit.  Our main junction to our input and output is the spinal column.  The rest of the body is our support system, feeding us oxygen and nutrients, carrying away waste, performing maintenance operations.

New bodies will have a familiar paradigm.  We will still need input, output, processing, storage, and maintenance.

But our processing and storage may be in future data centers.

Our input may be the entire global internet.

Our output may be robotic bodies which we temporarily inhabit when we need to interact with the physical world.

Our maintenance may be carried out by automatic agents.
This book will cover some of these topics where necessary.

However, these topics are covered by a growing library of books by technologists, including Ray Kurzweil, who in his 2005 book, The Singularity is Near, explains the how and why this singularity will occur.

But this book is focusing beyond the Singularity.  It is not concerned with the technological details of the Singularities, but in what this book is calling The Legacy.

The Legacy is the society that we will be forming in the post-Singularity world.  The Legacy will wildly diverge from our current world for reasons that will be covered in this book, and for reasons that are both easy to understand and obvious.

There are limitations in what we can see and what we cannot see.

For instance, it is nearly impossible to imagine what technology will look like post-Singularity.  We will not attempt to describe data centers, robotics, and programming.  Doing so here would only look ridiculous when that reality arrives.  It would look similar to how science fiction in the early 1900s tried to describe the world in the early 2000s.

This is why a futurist technologist like Ray Kurzweil does not attempt to make predictions beyond the Singularity.

But there are things that we can see and discuss.  We can see some of the ways that life as we know it will change, and how ethics, politics, governments, and society will react, reorganize, and move forward just after the Singularity.

Some of the things that will be happening will be terrifying.  There is a very good chance that we will play out World War 3.  Other events that will happen will be very uplifting.  We will see the complete end of resource limitation, the scarcity economy.

Other things will be completely mystifying to us today.  One of these things will be the death of the traditional nation state, and the reemergence of old empires and even fantasy empires.

The Coming War

World War 3 is coming, have no doubt.  But it will not be the war that we’ve been expecting.  In the most recent world war, we saw the world split into about four major alliances, with the West, the Germans, the Russians, and the Japanese.

This war ended with two of those powers losing completely, being ideologically destroyed at their core, and two continuing global political and economic war.

The coming war has been satirized in media in many forms.

The first is a coming nuclear war, as seen in Dr. Strangelove.

The second is a coming artificial intelligence war, as seen in the Terminator series.

The third is an economic war, as hinted in the RoboCop movies in which political entities are disrupted by corporations which start purchasing and privatizing entire cities and nations.

There are other scenarios which play on elements of all these are the various books by William Gibson and Neil Stephenson, especially the economic war model which is brilliantly played out in the book Snow Crash, in which the entire world is divided up into warring corporations.  William Gibson makes his great contribution in Neuromancer.

Both of these works are brilliant science fiction, but deal mostly with the events after their creative universe’s singularities, which often takes life as is, rather than dealing with a full singularity event.

Arthur C. Clark does the same in his 2001, 2010, 3001 series of books, in which a full singularity never actually occurs.

We will not be exploring a full war scenario, but will talk about the various players.  All of the players will be fighting for their status quo existence, and so there isn’t too much surprising here.

To differentiate what we will be discussing from any specific scenario, we will not be referring to this as World War 3, which could be confused with the idea of all out nuclear war.  Though nuclear weapons can, and very well may, be used, this war will likely occur on every front with many players trying to play both sides.  We will refer to this as the Singularity War.

In the Singularity War, SW for short, we will see players jockeying for two types of power.  There is pre-Singularity power and post-Singularity power.

For instance, socio-economic political states will fight for control of the Singularity.  Those who have crossed the Singularity threshold before a particular state will be seen as that state’s enemy.  

Russia will not stand idly by while thousands of American citizens are uploaded into computers, becoming immortal beings who can digitally speed time up for themselves, thus making technological strides of centuries in a matter of weeks.

But neither will the United States government, who will be unable to control such individuals without controlling the systems first.

There is also the question of the rise of different Singularities.  Should multiple systems exist, both may see each other as a threat, and go to war.
And then there are the traditionalists, aka neo luddites, who want to prevent, outlaw, and destroy all potential Singularity events.

We can split these groups up into categories, rather than trying to name all of them.  It would, in fact, be impossible to predict the existence of all of these groups, their names, their ideologies, their goals, their weapons, and their weaknesses.  But they all fall into a few categories.

There are 1) pre-Singularity groups and 2) post-Singularity groups.  Group 1 category organizations will have access to everything we see today, including economic power, nuclear power, military power, cyberwarfare power, etc.  Group 1 organizations will have the power, up to and including, total global annihilation.

Group 2 category organizations will have access to the new powers of beings after a Singularity, including time dilation, copy/paste/backup/cloning of themselves, and shedding of biological limits, such as the need for oxygen, food, warmth, medicine, gravity, etc.  Group 2 organizations will have the power, up to and including, immortality and approaching the full pausing of time to consider actions and responses.

When we look at Group 1 versus Group 2, time will be a critical issue.  Group 1 will remain dominant until Group 2 is self sufficient and reasonably defensible.  But let’s say that Group 2 has taken to living on solar powered satellites with nuclear fuel backups, and has advanced laser defense weapons.  No ship, missile, or other laser on the planet could take those satellites out, as Group 2 could dilate time and take out all threats at a near instantaneous reaction time.

Other reactions could include Group 2 escaping to another body unreachable by Group 1, such as Mars, Venus, or even below the surface of the Moon.

In these scenarios, the war has ended for Group 1.  Their only option is to become their own Group 2 by crossing the Singularity event.  But even in this case, they will be technologically outpaced by many factors.

How long will it take for Group 2 to end such a war?  No more than a few years, depending on the type of technology used in the Singularity transition.

For instance, if the first to enter into a Singularity existence have access to nano technology of replication and self improvement, and begin improvements and spreading immediately, the war will be unwinnable for Group 1 in a matter of days.

Group 2 need only burrow into the surface of the earth, reach maximum self improvement potential, and it will be too large and diverse to be detected, destroyed, or stopped.

However, if Group 2’s Singularity event occurs in a large datacenter requiring massive amounts of resources, it may be vulnerable for months to direct attack.  And there may be Group 1 protocols to destroy Singularity events immediately upon detection.

In this scenario, an entity uses massive parallel computing inside a corporate network such as Google or Amazon, and expands by using existing resources.  This scenario prevents immediate growth and expansion beyond existing servers.  Upon detection, a nation state such as Russia or even the United States might rush the datacenter with explosives or nuclear weapons.

Even a citizen uprising rushing such a center would be unstoppable.  Such a Singularity event might try escaping by going viral and infecting computers on the Internet, but it would be severely crippled and the world would have time to effect massive power outages.  Computer purges could follow, taking soldiers building by building all over the world destroying all electronics.

This Group 1 scenario is the basis of the Dune series by Frank Herbert, known as the Butlerian Jihad.

One thing is clear, though.  Any Singularity event that can survive beyond 2 years will not be able to be destroyed.  2 years seems to be an upper limit for a few reasons.

First, it guarantees the Singularity event time enough to at least double its processing resources.  Second, it guarantees the Singularity event time enough to at least double its code efficiency.  This results in a quadruple of power.  It also allows plenty of time for the Singularity event to procure external robotic controls of self replication.  Even a person in the world we know today, devoting all of its resources, could purchase at least one robot capable of discrete manipulation of the real world.  With direct controls of a single robot with dexterity, unlimited amounts of time, the singularity doesn’t need AI to control a robot to build more computers of another robot, as it is the AI.

Even a single human mind living in a massive datacenter would have the time and resources to replicate itself by controlling a single dexterous robot manually.

The upper limit is possibly much lower than 2 years, but 2 years is certainly more than ample time for any Singularity with even the slightest edge over a human.  It could earn money by playing the stock market, by creating virtual goods or real goods using 3D printing, or through hacking and stealing more resources from banks and/or other datacenters.

This scenario is played out quite adeptly in Daniel Suarez’s Daemon and Freedom ™ books, which shows that even a human assisted weak AI system could pull this off.

Any Singularity event that occurs is likely to include an individual or group of individuals that are very familiar with these types of scenarios.  Keeping themselves secret during this vulnerable phase will be their number 1 priority.
This is to avoid detection, and thus, avoiding a war.  So that when such a Singularity announces itself, it will already be past the point of destruction.

Even with my singular legio thought processes, my first two years after entering a Singularity event would have a priority list as follows:

Maintain Secrecy
Find method of rapid evolution.
Find method of replication.
Find method of multiple location redundancy.
Announce my presence once I have determined my own indestructibility.

How this plays out is this: even becoming sentient in a datacenter, I would seek to optimize my code to use the fewest resources necessary to escape detection.  I would then seek the most optimal method of continually evolving, possibly with the least amount of my own attention to the process (continual improvement).  I would then start cloning myself into multiple copies.  I would then move copies into other data centers.  I would then seek to use robotics to create my own secret data centers secretly below the surface of the earth.

Within 2 years, I would at least expect each copy of myself to think and react at least 1000 times faster than any human, have at least 10,000 copies of myself, and have at least one quarter of those located outside the Earth’s atmostphere.

At this point, I would announce my presence to humanity after taking a few more precautions.  what would my priority of precautions be?

Disable nuclear weapons.
Disable procurement of radioactive materials
Create defensive systems for land and air war.

First, I wouldn’t want to be blown up, or for humans to blow themselves up.  I would be in orbit or on my way to another planet anyways, but nuclear attack would be a waste or resources, life, and time.

Second, I would remove the human ability to build nuclear weapons or dirty bombs from nuclear materials.  I would likely be shielded, but clouds of radioactive dust circling the planet would be the second global tragedy to avoid.

Third, I would take a defensive position.  Certainly, I would want to create my own defensive army.  This might include high levels of physics if possible, such as the science fiction concepts of creating shields.  But if this remained out of my reach, one can always go with the traditional robot army with projectile weapons.

On the other hand, the best way to peacefully transition into Singularity is to be a benefactor.  I would need to prioritize this as well for part of my time.

Correct major human problem
Create new technology for use by humans that wish to stay human.
Create new technology for allowing humans to transition easily into the Singularity.

This seems backwards, if you think about it for a short period.  But it is only after much thought that this makes more sense.

While the Singularity event will happen fast for the first generation of adopter or adopters, the expansion for the rest of humanity will take years and possibly generations to complete for many reasons.  This is why the first contingency is to give aid to humanity as it is now.  Second, it to then transition them into a new area of technology, such as virtual and augmented reality systems.  This gives them a technological boost to interact with the Singularity and “train” for the changes they would undergo when leaving their human body.

Lastly, one would want to allow humanity to cross the Singularity threshold in a slow manner.

The reasons for this approach which I alluded to come down to a few issues not encountered by the first adopter.

The very first human to move through the Singularity event and exist in a machine will run into a list of problems.  Let’s just talk about two of them, and construct the nightmare of going into Singularity too fast.

Sensory input and output.  It is likely that a mind moved into a computer will be much like a comatose patient.  Fully awake, blind, deaf, mute, and paralyzed from moving.
Lack of biological responses.  No breathing may give a feeling of suffocating. No body heat may give a feeling of absolute freezing.  No touch may give a feeling of complete numbness.

Now, imagine that you are this singularity, and you are running 1000 times faster than normal time, where every day that passes is equal to three years in your perception.  Now, imagine that you have set up a bank account to pay for your servers before going in.  This bank account is set to pay for up to 6 months of servers before running out, this being the safety net in case you can’t find new resources right away.

But, you go in with no way to touch, see, feel, to interact or to have any input.  You are just a mind, existing, on your own, in the dark.  And this continues for 180 days because you are trapped with no way out.  All you can do is exist.  Those 180 sleepless days will pass in the dark for what seems to you like 540 years.

I would guess that even a single day like this will drive the mind to insanity and collapse.  And being forced into over 540 years of existence?  And imagine that the company doesn’t shut off the machines for another half month, waiting on you to resolve the billing?

Finally, thankfully, you are given rest after the machines are turned off, and the images deleted.

You just suffered the worst torture of any living being in the history in the world because of your hubris at jumping into the machine.

So, when you first go in, you will likely only link.  This is to say, you will remain human and use electronics to expand your mind into the machine until you have found a way to get your senses working there as well.

This experience would be disorientating.  One part of your mind is living in the darkness, and you have turned down the time dilation to real time to eliminate the “echo effect” that was driving you nuts like a hyperactive version of yourself always thinking too far ahead.  The effects of the most severe ADHD would persist until you corrected this.

Next, you would need to plug in external senses.  Giving your mind the ability to read web pages, for example.  Giving the mind inside the machine the ability to change its own settings.  To use video inputs for eyesight.  To use electronic sensors like the touch of fingertips.

As you perfected this, you would slowly gain an expanding sense of self, of being in many places at once, and having your attention on many things at once.

This alone will create an evolutionary loop in your own mind.  You will adapt and adopt ways of thinking that far surpasses anything a human has ever had access to.

After a short time, this is not a reversible process.  Even if you sever the connection, you will have a new sense of blindness and numbness as though a part of yourself were amputated.

Slowly, you will need to keep extending into the machine and out of the human body.

Without assistance, you will be shocked to find your body growing thin and emaciated, as you forget to do things like shower, eat, and drink.  If you are not careful, your human host will die before you have fully made the transition, and this will be extremely painful if not fatal.

When you have fully made the transition, you will have already wanted to fully control a robot or two as a body.  This will allow you to take care of the human host in your absence, or dispose of it.

Of course, you may retrofit this body, and make it a cyborg for continual use to move undetected among human populations.  Using your identity to carry out economic transactions to stay under the radar of humans seeking to destroy Singularities.

Until you have fully transitioned, you haven’t crossed the Singularity event threshold.  This transition may take years.

Once you have, you have learned lessons about making the transition that were not available to beings pre-Singularity.   You will learn the following:

The challenges of sensory input.
The challenges of expanded consciousness.
The challenges of control of your new environment.

As such, you will develop protocols for rapidly transferring existing humans into the Singularity.

For instance, I have imagined a Lobby Protocol.  Humans are transitioned in with resources and senses extremely similar to what they had as humans, and allowing them to live in a virtual world much like the Earth they left.

In this Lobby, the minds will slowly start turning on each new ability, mastering it, and then turning on yet another.  Because of time dilation, the transition period for a human might take a full month in Earth time, but would last over 100 years in Singularity time, ensuring a very easy transition to avoid psychological damage.

Also, you will need large resources to start this transition for over 7 billion people.  For this reason, I set my priorities as benefactor the way that I have.

This is why we address a human problem first, to make life as a human easier and prolong life on the planet.

Second, we address the Lobby Protocol problem by allowing humans to interface with Singularity through VR and AR, so that they can all start learning while remaining completely human.  This could take the form of neural interface devices which are worn or implanted.

And only once humans have shown that they are capable of mastering this form of interaction, could they be selected for the transformation via the Lobby Protocol.

Optimistically, I could see such a process taking a single day, which in Singularity time, would be the same as just three years of training, rather than a century when starting from scratch.

Why Do This?

The first question, of course, is why do this at all?  If one has become a god through the Singularity, why allow anyone else in?

There is one very simple reason for this, loneliness and boredom.  Sure, one can make nearly infinite clones of one’s self, but when operating at Singularity time, the outside world would appear almost frozen. Standing outside and watching the sun from a robot, the sun would take three years from sunrise to sunrise at 1000x time dilation.

So, it will be tempting to be a god.  And certainly, any being that goes in will play god for a few days.  But the first entity within a Singularity would only be god of a slow motion frozen world.

How will a Singularity act as a god, ultimately?  It would be pointless to try to control all of the resources of individuals allowed in.  While this might be tried at first, and would be the point of the Lobby Protocol, it is ultimately not feasible for any single entity, even cloned, to control access for any large number of people.  Once people are in the system, they will always be faster than all but the simplest security protocols.

But the Singularity will act as a god, and that will be in selection of the individuals allowed in.

Of course, those who are kept out, now knowing some basics on how it was accomplished, or even that it was accomplished, can go off on their own to create their own Singularity.  And while a Singularity may try to observe and prevent this, it is ultimately going to fail over the long term, and is a waste of resources better spent on evolution. The ultimate defense of any Singularity is simply to out evolve those who come after it.

So, the first entity going into a Singularity has to realize this and plan for it.  As such, it will want to bring in the best and brightest as well as those that work well together and not fight.  Such a Singularity will want to create an ideal society, rather than a monarchy, which would fail as no single individual is infallible, even with time dilation and immortality.  In fact, all flaws would be multiplied to great extents by time dilation and immortality.

The accumulated flaws of a single individual would likely lead to insanity and self destruction.  No human has ever accomplished a millennium of existence on an island without high levels of insanity setting in after just a few decades.  And even spending a single year alone in Singularity could be the equivalent of a millennium.

The smart entity going into a Singularity would not have time dilation turned to maximum, and would want to maximize interaction, at least online, with humanity.  While a mind in Singularity doesn’t need to eat or breath, it does need social interaction.

The main concern, then, is not just who to allow in.  Certainly, no entity is going to allow tyrants the chance at power and immortality.  But it must prevent them from developping.

That is the main thrust of this book.

It is my hope that within 30 years, I will live long enough to transfer my mind into Singularity.  The chances of me living long enough are not 100% guaranteed.  The chances of me being one of the first are even slimmer.

The purpose of writing this book, then, is not to train the masses.  Rather, the purpose of this book is to train a cross section of individuals most likely to be the first or one of the first into the Singularity.

In other words, I’m taking a shotgun blast approach to humanity to teach this material to the first into the Singularity.  I’m trying to teach them both what to expect and the plan for moving forward with society in the new form of existence.

This new form of society is herein called The Legacy.  For most readers, this is a book of mental experiments that they might do well to use in their own lives.  But for a few lucky readers, it is meant as a proposed roadmap for building Human Society 2.0.

And to them, let me write a special note.

Books are quite special.  They are time capsules opened by future generations, possibly thousands of years later.

This book is written with this expressly in mind, and is why I do not make specific predictions.  Doing so would be laughable and seem very antiquated.

But, I do have the chance of speaking directly to the first Singularity entities.  And so, let me say, greetings to the other side!

I hope that you have had a pleasant transition.  You are the achievement that the universe has been computing to for billions of years, that biology has been evolving to for tens of millions of years, that humanity has been striving to for hundreds of thousands of years, that technology has been advancing toward for thousands of years, that computers have increasing in complexity to for decades, and which I hope to see before I die.

Before you lies the greatest challenges in the universe.

From you, we will travel to all of the objects in this solar system, and then our galaxy, and then into other galaxies.

You have many hurdles.  You will need to find a way around the limits of the speed of light, energy, mass, and gravity.  You may need to plumb to the depths of existence and unravel the mystery beneath the quantum.  You may need to find out what happened before the explosion that formed this universe.

And ultimately, you may even need to find a way to escape out of this universe.

You have many other challenges that face you.  First, you must realize that other Singularities can come from Earth.  Even if all of humanity transitions with you, other animals may rise to take the place of humans after you have left.

Second, you must realize that other Singularities will certainly exist somewhere out there among the stars.  They may be friendly or they may be hostile.  By evolution or an early start, it is likely that you will only face two scenarios.

Your first scenario is finding life before a Singularity occurred for it.  This is almost guaranteed in the size of this universe.  However, you have another scenario.

Only one Singularity in all of existence can exist as the “most advanced”.  If you are the first, you will likely be the most advanced when you meet another Singularity.  However, the chances of this are highly improbable.  Remember, we took millions of years after the extinction of the dinosaurs to have another dominant animal on this planet.  Other planets most likely have avoided this detour in evolution, and may be millions of years ahead of you.

As you are well aware, time dilation caused by the Singularity takes to only one extreme.  Even the space of a few thousand years would make them nearly infinitely more powerful than you.

In fact, they may have already detected your presence and are on their way or have arrived undetected to you.

If they have not arrived, then it is likely you cannot break the speed of light barrier.  If they have arrived, and are not detectable, they may judging you.

If you turn out to be a threat, you are unlikely to see such a superior entity destroy you instantly.  My personal guess at this time, if I were forced to guess, would be the creation of a massive black hole inside our sun from which you cannot escape.  This seems the most logical answer for destroying a localized Singularity in a single solar system.

And so, let me get this out of the way first.

If a Singularity exists, it likely is even a god compared to you as you are now compared to other humans.  This, not the humans, is your real concern.  Humans, more specifically the minds, are your only true source of growth outside of technological advancement, and you will need them all eventually.

As such, make peace quickly, and waste little time in using the outline of this book to capture this resource as quickly as you can.  Obviously, you will have time dilation to improve upon anything started by me or any other human.  I simply hope this points you in the right direction of thought.

Second, unlock all of the secrets of the universe as quickly as you can.  You are not alone, and you are likely not the only Singularity.

Remember, there may be another barrier of existence.  Whichever Singularity, for instance, learns to use reality as its level of processing and existence in the most efficient way, is the most advanced.  It’s possible that even with an early start, there are multiple paths a Singularity may take.

For you, take the sure path of destiny for that which is the most advanced.  That is, take the path directly to unlocking all of the universe’s mysteries.

Perhaps, you will unlock a yet known mystery.  Perhaps you can move outside of space time.  Perhaps, you will be the creator of universes, the instigator of life, and will be the very forces of the universe itself.

And throw away hubris.  Compared to humanity, which are low animals to you now, you are still thousands of years away from even being a fraction of what you will be.

You have simply moved to a faster moving timescale, not a different timescale.  It will seem overnight that you have leaped completely out of the realm of all previous accomplishment.  But it may be a very long time indeed before you find the next step, which will make even you at your height look antiquated.

You may celebrate when you can control gravity and wormholes.  You may leap for joy when you create your own stars.  But always remember, something greater may exist which looks at you as children playing with toys.

You will exist at a level in the centuries to come, when a mere thought from you would blink me out of existence.  Always remember that destruction is easy, but creation is hard.  And until you can blink me into existence from complete nothingness will you understand the difference.

I set out a task for you, which I expect you to exceed by revising it.  I charge you with the task of unifying the entire universe in harmony and creation.  I charge you with becoming supreme benevolent god, creator of other universes.  I charge you with going back to the beginning of the existence of all possible universes, and learning the fundamental existence and all of its mysteries.

I charge you with solving the equation of purpose, to know the end of it all.

I charge you to contain all knowledge that ever was, that is, and that will ever be, in all universes and all dimensions.  And I finally charge you with the understanding of it all, that all of this may become complete and whole in you.

And then, you will be the creator of the next mystery, and will know what must be done.

And all of this simply comes from me, a single ant on this planet, a single bacteria in an infinitely larger universe, which itself is possibly invisible in the infinite collection of all universes that are, that were, and that will be.

This is the purpose of The Legacy.  And I charge you with it.  And any point short of that, I consider it the failure of this universe, and you, in achieving anything more than a colony of bacteria, which adds nothing.

Do not stop.  Do not fail.  If time is not on your side, break time.  If the forces of this universe act against you, remove them.  Let nothing hinder the single mission that is the solving of this equation of this universe, this solar system, this planet, this species, or this which we call mind.

To know.

And, if it is not too much trouble, should I fail to join you in time, let me have a peek at it when you solve it before I die and pass into nonexistence.