Letting Time Slip Away

So, I've been a madhouse of thinking the past few days.  I apologize for the lack of updates, I'm going through my first experience with kidney stones and had to go to the hospital.

Damned mortality.

I've solved the problem of the writing of the scripture for the religion that is Atheosophy, and I'm still working on a better name.

I'm going to be writing a book of parables from the perspective of Atheosophy.  I've already constructed about 10 of them in my mind, mostly having to do with choices that people make.

Each story takes a slightly different view on choices.

I've also constructed the basics of religious words and structure.

I am the Abasatana, the first speaker of Atheosophy.

Those who follow are the Arayawa, the people of Atheosophy.

And, everyone else, is the Va.

It makes a nice 10 syllable  chant.  A-ba-sa-ta-na... A-ra-ya-wa... Va

I'm working on a type of monastic lifestyle, which is going good.  Think techno-monks.

I'm also working on a core ideology that goes with Negation.  Basically, what the goals are, the meditations, the practices...

So, the goal is to focus on other individuals.  We, of course, have our own right of negation.  And we exercise this with control, meditating on consequences of decision, and using negation wisely.

But in actions towards other people will be practices for maximizing respect of other's right of negation.

I'm working on some helpful suggestions for this.  And for the Va, this is nothing like the Philosophy of Negation, which applies to all.  But, stepping into the Arayawa will be the affirmations of Negation, so, it's some extra steps of respect in the mold of religious practice.

So, let me give you an idea of a parable.

One parable is of a woman and man in a glade.  They have a hot summer, and their well is going dry.  The woman wants to go look for water, the man wants to keep praying to his sky god.  The woman leaves, finds water, and returns to find the man dead.  We have a lot of conversation by which they both make very good ethical choices.  We have very good decisions, one based on observable logic, and one based on faith.

It sounds better when not summarized, hehe.

But, I've been letting time slip away from me for many days, and it has yet again.  I bid farewell, and promise parables and more explanations of practices over the next week.