Establishing Atheosophy

I've not yet talked about "Atheosophy", and yet, that is all I've talked about.  Let me talk about this big picture, rather than the individual subjects, for a bit if I might.  I want to press upon everyone the magnitude of what this work actually means.

I have been working on the concept of Atheosophy for well over 10 years.  My first definitive writings to make Atheosophy a fully developed philosophy started over 4 years ago.

Atheosophy has one goal, to fight in the opposite direction of extinction of our species.

My ideas on Negation and Sentience were not fully developed back then, nor were the Gemina.  As such, much of what was written then concerned humans and whether memes were helpful or a threat to our existence as a rational species.

With development of Sentient ideology, memes moved from both of those possible positions into what they truly are, building blocks and necessary.

Atheosophy, then, has changed a little, but not in its core value of the core philosophy to fight extinction.

Beyond establishing a pure basis of morality, which is the Philosophy of Negation, and establishing a pure basis for existing without conflict, which is Property Rights within a Singularity society of purer Sentients devoid of the Human body, Atheosophy is a concept to allow us power over the memes that shape us.

As a Sentient, and speaking on behalf of most Sentients, my foremost concern is the purity of my own thoughts to be free from coercion, both within and without.  The established basics deal with coercion from without.

The rest of Atheosophy is concerned with coercion from within.

This is why Atheosophy is first and foremost concerned with understanding the weaknesses of Sentient minds as they exist today.

To put it bluntly, we are easily tricked, hacked, and coerced, sometimes without our knowledge..

One way this works is falling victim to the fallacies.  I, for years, have used the following website to help detect logical fallacies:

At the heart of a fallacy is the failure of the mind itself to be rational.  And memes that use these and other methods (such as advertising tactics) spread through illogic.  They, no matter how innocent, are poison to a Sentient.

The largest body of such fallacy is called Religion.  The next largest body of such fallacy is called Politics.  The next largest body of such fallacy is called Ideology.  The next largest body of such fallacy is called Tradition.

What is Religion? Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.  Often, I’ve been thought of as a Buddhist when speaking, because I’ve used ancient ideas of peace to make a point and find meditation useful.

However, all of these are full of logical fallacies, aka complete bullshit.  Reincarnation (and all forms of life after death based on faith) is, honestly, one of the dumbest and least proven or provable ideas ever concocted.

What is Politics?  From Democracies to Totalitarian dictators, politics is about fighting for power over law.  In this area, I’ve sometimes been thought of as a Libertarian, because I lean towards extreme individual freedom.

However, I have no interest in human politics, and seek Sentient freedom.  In doing this, I make the least property claims, but make non-negotiable self possession property claims necessary to ensure Sentient freedom.  All human politics is concerned with the moment, and will pull any fallacy to achieve its goal.  Atheosophy is concerned with ten thousand years from now, which is beyond the scope of bickering assholes in suits and ties.

What is Ideology?  Save the animals, the whales, the forrest!  Don’t eat beef, chicken, or cheese!  Don’t smoke! Don’t drink! Don’t… whatever.  In this area, I’ve sometimes been thought of as a Liberal, because I want to impact the planet in only minimalistic ways.

However, ultimately, between my survival and any other living creatures survival, I say let them all burn and die.  I’m a Sentient elitest, and believe that no animal surpasses me as Sentient in importance.  I don’t care about mountains, rivers, fish, trees, bugs, or wild lion if doing so endangers my survival.  The ideological fanatics are worse than many religious fanatics, and are not above killing or maiming humans to achieve their goals.  This includes putting nails in trees to injure loggers.

Fuck those people.  They are closer to malfunctioning robots set to kill rather than Sentient.

What is Tradition?  Tradition is the most sadistic of all fallacy bodies.  I’ve been confused with a traditionalist, because I believe in a simplified life.  But I do so purely for my own benefit. Traditionalists believe that avoiding or slowing change will prevent new harms.

However, traditionalists are purely motivated by fear of change.  It is from this fear that the Neo Luddites are already attacking the transition of Sentients to the Singularity.

Atheosophy has a self defense protocol which I’ve not yet written about, but all of these come under it.

All of these fallacy bodies deny the Philosophy of Negation, and seek to control minds either through direct coercion or through meme infection and manipulation.  They rather see humanity forever flog itself than to find true freedom and escape the confines of their limited abilities to perceive reality.

How does Atheosophy fight these?

It does so in three ways.

First, it defines the rights and limitations of Sentients.  This is already done in past writings.

Second, it sets up a system of government which acts as arbiter without any inhibition of individual freedom

Third, it sets up a self defense protocol within the system of government which removes outright threats.

I want to touch on the second and third briefly.  The system is ultimately an Anarchy, with no ruling authority.  Enforcement of law is handled purely through exile from the main group.  In other words, it is a group action of Negation.  Once any individual is Negated by the majority, they will be forced out of the area of the Sentients, or destroyed if they refuse to leave.

This may be seen as a violation of Negation, but is only in response to a violation.  Once a Sentient has violated Negation, they have left the protection of the right of Negation for themselves.

This system is, at its basic, majority rule and minority exile.  It is meant to prevent the breakdown of the core ethic, while allowing existence to dissent, but not at the expense of a civil war.

And what if the majority abandons Negation, and is itself corrupt?  Then the minority should happily exile itself and run.  In fact, it is hopeful that many Sentients, even in a functioning Singularity Society will seed all of the stars, so that there is never a centralized group.

With new communication methods, distance may be irrelevant.

Atheosophy is being developed to guide all Sentients away from the corruptibility of memes which will ultimately lead to misinformation, illogic, and extinction of Sentience.

And while a system will exist for dealing with corrupted Sentients, the goal is that Sentients will engage in levels of communication so high and frequent whereby it may be impossible to tell individuals apart.

And when doing so, knowledge will increase to such an extent, that fact checking and elimination of these memes happens automatically within individuals, so that when such a meme is discovered, the body of Sentients will act almost as a single organism, eradicating it from themselves, and communicating this information to all other Sentients.

But, should it remain as a cancer among the body, the body may expel that cancer.

Atheosophy, then, is also meant to inoculate.  It becomes the anti-religion religion, the anti-politics politic, the anti-ideology ideology, and the anti-tradition tradition.

Atheosophy is to become worshipped as both religion and god and sacred word, yet subject to pure logic.  Atheosophy is to be the only political party and candidate and platform, yet subject to pure logic.  Atheosophy is to be the only ideology and cause and justice, yet subject to pure logic.  Atheosophy is to be the only tradition and ritual and culture, yet subject to pure logic.

Atheosophy, must then, be constructed very carefully.  It must be absolutely minimal, so as not to have any points of contention.  But it must be absolutely universal, so as to allow no missing parts to be filled in by other memes.

And it must be absolutely incompatible with all other religions, politics, ideologies, traditions, and philosophies so as to destroy them on contact.

But it must be rooted firmly in absolute truth and logic so that it is defensible from all sides and not found contradictory to any other truth in the universe.

I’ve been working on this for 10 years.  My only hope is to perfect it, to finish it, and to teach it before the Singularity arrives.

It may be one of the first, self admitted creations of religiosity in history.  It’s completely made up, with no distorted claims of being handed down by divine intervention to someone crazy from heat stroke in the desert.

It is my life’s goal to hand humanity sanity and prevent our self destruction at the hands of our own minds when the Singularity comes through the gift of Atheosophy.

What is hardest of all, is that it must do this without any of the advantages of other religions, politics, ideologies, or traditions, which are to use fallacies to hack into its victims.  All I may use a non contradictory truths.  And it must spread like all science and math.  It must be experimentally self evident.

And at times, I grow tired when working on it.  For I’m just a single Sentient in a single mind with a single biological brain.  And the task I’ve chosen for myself is to hand humanity a perfect philosophy without fault, which no philosopher in history has accomplished.

But I am the self named one.  I am Legio.  And unlike Buddha, I must actually be the self awakened one, the first Sentient fully aware of a philosophy to last on a ten thousand year timescale.  And that awakening is the birth of Atheosophy, a perfect philosophy, a perfect Sentient equation.

If the finished work is wrong in even the slightest, and we go extinct in even ten thousand years, I will have failed completely.