Anti-Abortion Catholics Might Be On To Something?

And other weird stuff you'll hear from a pro-choice atheist...

We’re going to be tackling some real world issues soon.  Abortion, Rape, Incest, Pedophilia, and other issues.  We’re going to look at each of them from many angles.  These will include both philosophy and memetics.

Our goal isn’t to justify society’s current stance on these issues, but to compare various societies and their justifications, and see where the chips fall and why.

Spoiler Alert 1: It turns out that I can’t justify many of my own beliefs which are in line with American ethnocentric views and laws.  I support legalized abortions and the right of a woman to choose.  Yet, there seems to be a lack of justification when examined closely.  And when we can’t justify something by rational philosophy, we often find that we will see a memetic answer for our views that oppose philosophy for selfish reasons.

Spoiler Alert 2: I’m going to set out a justification for religion, in general.  Again, very odd conclusion as I consider myself an atheist.  So, while in one area, I can’t justify a meme I do hold, I do justify this meme by philosophy, but oppose it with my own meme.  Turns out, we might need religion precisely because we allow governments.

These odd results are going to produce fascinating insights, whereby both conclusions fly in the face of my own personal belief systems, yet make perfect sense with my philosophy and understanding of psychology.  It turns out, Anti-Abortion Catholics might be living the philo-meme dream, or are they? The answer of why shocks me, and possibly will shock you as well, and it turns out it might be Feminism!

I must explore these issues in depth then to examine whether or not I must reevaluate my own mind (collection of memes) and make an adjustment.  Come along for my journey in future posts!